Koban Project features Blind Study II: A Psychology of Building

Anyone who’s ever strolled, sped, walked, biked, or boarded up Charles St. past Penn Station toward North Avenue, has noticed the 1950s era nearly-noir looking Police surveillance booth that sits faded awkardly on the corner of E. Lanvale and N. Charles – a relic from an expired age. I’ve always considered it to be the gateway into Station North – an up-and-up community which now stands as a cornerstone of Charm City’s art-scene.

English: A fully modern Police Box in Baltimor...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you travel past the police booth today you’ll notice it’s dressed in a new costume. Perched on the roof of the station, cloaked in a dark clothe, sits the work of Adrian Lohmüller, a German born contemporary artist who studied at MICA and currently lives in NYC with his collaborator, Meghan Tomeo, the composer of Blind Study II‘s soundtrack. Notice the photo I snapped at the exhibits’ opening on April 21st: Perched on the roof is a chair, a lamp, and a book shelf with one lonely text – Glenn Robert Lym’s text A Psychology of Building. The scene, which at first glance resembles a minimalist Scandinavian living room, is a spacial concept – presenting the audience with a quandary of questions about how our lives are affected by the arrangement of our living spaces.

The disonant sounds of Anytown, USA spill out from under the cloak and fill the sidewalks and streets in a very eerie way – something only amplified in the wee hours of the evening when the sun is set and the dim lamp light illuminates the display. Blind Study II: A Psychology of Building is the first installment of The Koban Project, a rotating art show which will feature various artists’ work all using the iconic Police booth. Once again, Charm City’s most creative find a way to take an unused item and turn it into inspiring art. Head over to their Facebook page to stay up on the project. You can read about The Koban Project as well as the other Spruce-Up Grants that The Deutsch Foundation support in conjunction with the Central Baltimore Partnership on What Weekly. To stay up on what’s going on in Station North, head over to their website or follow them on twitter @StationNorth.


Thanks to the artists, we’ve provided a bit of the wonderfully eerie sounds featured in The Koban:

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