Romeo and Juliet – Station North style

Romeo and Juliet has been done in nearly every form, in every decade, through play, novel and film over the past several hundred years. It is one of the oldest great romantic tragedies – a tale of pure, uninhibited love. The Baltimore Performance Kitchen just finished their two week run of Romeo and Juliet at Area 405 in Station North. Shakespeare’s pithy and beautiful poetic tragedy was cut down to two fast paced, intense hours – presented in an intimate setting through the alley ways and in the court yard of the hallowed warehouse-converted-gallery space. Both Romeo and Juliet were played by women – representing families seperated by 0ne hundred years of history. The 1913 Capulets are brewmasters of the once industrial Greenmount West and the Montagues are artists, artisans and makers of the current Station North neighborhood. Bret McCabe of City Paper did a nice review of the performance, so check it out if you want more info.

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation provided funding to help launch Baltimore Performance Kitchen and enable them to put on great shows like Romeo and Juliet but they need your help. Why? Well because it’s free. So if you’re interested in checking out a show or maybe donating some money to keep them going, head to their website. Organizations like Baltimore Performance Kitchen are making art for the inherent value of doing so – that kind of passion should be rewarded. If you got a chance to see Romeo and Juliet over the past two weeks, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Photo courtesy of City Paper

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