Online Advocacy Symposium comes to Baltimore

Take some time to think about all that has changed over the last 10 to 15 years. At the turn of the century; building, designing and marketing a website would give a business or individual an edge. These days a website is much like a television – most of us have them, but their potential is limited. Websites are ubiquitous but no longer cutting edge. Now, the proliferation of social media platforms and apps is at the heart of communications innovation. One area that truly benefits from the expanding web is advocacy. And social, mobile and online tools when used effectively, can be extremely powerful – we just need to know how to make sense of it all.

And here in Baltimore, we’re in luck because on September 30th The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, University of Maryland School of Social Work and the Future of Information Alliance (FIA) will be hosting an online advocacy symposium called When Advocacy Goes Digital, the World of Online Organizing. The program will feature experts in the field of online advocacy. Among them are Maria Roach, the founder of United for Change USA, Marty Kearns, founder of Netcentrics Campaigns and Tate Hausman, online activist and treasurer of

Joining these leaders in discussions will be Ira Chinoy, co-founder of the FIA and Professor of Journalism at University of Maryland, Michael Reisch, Professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, and Christie George, Executive Director of New Media Ventures. George is featured in a recent New York Times blog post about adolescent and young adult women and their role in advocating for women’s rights.

Fittingly titled, Girls Tweeting (Not Twerking) Their Way to Power, the article written by Courtney E. Martin, centers on organizations that advocate for women’s issues, including George’s New Media Ventures. “Young women who might have once been ‘victims’ continue to become victors through the use of these powerful new tools,” says Martin in closing the article.

For more info on the symposium head to UMD’s School of Social Work website.


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