The Contemporary is back!


“Hello. It’s nice to see you again,” is written in white, bold, block letters atop a purple collage of geometric shapes and an eyeball. That’s the first image your eye is drawn to (no pun intended) when arriving at The Contemporary’s new website, which launched on December 3rd. The museum, started in 1989 by George Ciscle, Director of MICA’s Curatorial Practice Program, was recently revitalized after laying dormant for the latter half 2012 and much of 2013.

Now under the direction of Deana Haggag, MFA in MICA’s Curatorial Practice, The Contemporary is back and ready to continue Ciscle’s mission while being “nimble, responsive, thoughtful, and socially responsible” according to a letter from Haggag on their site.

The museum’s style is a bit unorthodox. The Contemporary doesn’t have a building to call it’s home but sees anywhere and everywhere as exhibit space. “We’ll use other galleries, street corners, bus stops,  buses, billboards. You name it,” said Haggag. When asked if they’ll ever have a space Haggag laughed, “Everyone asks that as if we haven’t grown up. We are grown up.”

How did Haggag and the rest of the board prepare for this re-launch? They spent the first half of 2013 meeting with dozens of nomadic museums and institutions world-wide to figure out the best way to service the Baltimore community.

speaker series is planned for this winter at Baltimore School for the Arts and will include local and national artists such as Coco Fusco and Brendan Fowler.

Other exciting programming is in the works and Haggag expects to have a small staff by the end of 2014.

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation is a proud supporter of The Contemporary and their vision but they do need continued support from the Baltimore community. Please visit their website for more info.


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