Center for Design Practice wins Ashoka U award

The Center for Design Practice (CDP) at MICA, which launched in 2008, just received an Ashoku U – Cordes Innovation Award for 2014. The award, presented by The Ashoka U Exchange from Brown University, is awarded to highlight “some of the most high-impact” innovations in social entrepreneurship.

Established by Mike Weikert, CDP is multi-faceted social design studio dedicated to facilitating new generations of creative thinkers and change-makers. CDP brings MICA students from different disciplines together with faculty and outside partners from government, nonprofit and business sectors to collaborate on the development of innovative solutions to complex social problems. Current CDP projects are facilitated by Associate Director, Ryan Clifford.

Weikert also directs the Masters of Arts in Social Design program at MICA. I’ve spent a lot of time with Mike and the Deutsch Fellows from MASD that are changing the social landscape in Baltimore and bettering our community.

In the past year, MICA has brought in fellow social designer, Lee Davis to help expand the programs to a full blown Center for Social Design. Together Weikert and Davis are connecting organizations, both public and private, to foster change in Baltimore and beyond.


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