BUILD Launches the One Baltimore Campaign

BUILD, Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development, launched the One Baltimore campaign to register new voters and raises consciousness around the issues that matter to Baltimore’s residents.

The organization is a broad-based, non-partisan, interfaith, multiracial community power organization rooted in Baltimore’s neighborhoods and congregations. BUILD is dedicated to making our city a better place for all Baltimoreans to live and thrive. For more than 35 years, BUILD has worked to improve housing, increase job opportunities, and rebuild schools and neighborhoods, among other issues. We are affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a coalition of like-minded organizations in cities across the United States.


Over 5,000 Baltimore residents have spoken. We want a city that has jobs, values our youth, and is safe. We want these opportunities for all residents living in Baltimore, not just some residents. We want to live in ONE Baltimore. In order to achieve our vision we must be a city that VOTES. Our next mayor will have enormous influence over the direction of the city. Residents who vote will have enormous influence over the direction of the mayor. By signing on to the BUILD One Baltimore campaign and registering new voters, we can build the city we all deserve. Together we can build One Baltimore.

A City with Jobs

Adult Employment: Place 15,000 Baltimore City residents living in distressed communities and returning citizens in private and public sector jobs.

Youth Employment – Increase Youth Works/Hire One budget by $2 million to:

Employ 1000 youth year-round through private and public sector employers.
Create combined vocational skills certification/summer job program that teaches youth hard and essential skills that provide pathways to meaningful employment.
A City for Youth

After School/Community Schools: Double the number of after school/community schools by increasing budget by $8.2 million.

Recreation centers: Fully fund recreation plan by programming $136 million in the capital improvement budget.

A City that’s Safe

Foot Posts and Patrols: Ensure on-going foot posts and patrols are assigned and deployed to the most violent neighborhoods in the city

Training and Accountability:

Ensure all Baltimore City police officers are trained in developing relationships with the communities they police
Hold police officers accountable to practicing constitutional and equitable policing.
Gun Safety: Use City’s purchasing power to hold gun manufacturers accountable for developing safe gun technology and improving gun distribution practices that help prevent gun crimes


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