Introduction to Open Works: Video

Open Works is destined to become the creative center for makers and artists throughout Baltimore. It is a place where anyone can build nearly anything; where tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them are accessible and affordable.

Housed in a 1920’s distribution warehouse across from the entrance to the Greenmount Cemetery, Open Works will open in the fall of 2016. The Greenmount West neighborhood is also home to several other artist communities with live/work space, including the Copycat Annex (previously occupied by the Oriole Shoe Company), City Arts (previously occupied by the Lord Baltimore Printing Company), the Cork Factory, the Station North Tool Library, and the Area 405 studios and exhibition space. The Baltimore Design School, a public middle-high school that focuses on design, fashion, and architecture is also located in the neighborhood.

In 2012, the board of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation formed the Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation (BARCO), a non-profit real estate development company with a mission to create safe, affordable, and accessible space for Baltimore’s creatives. In 2013, BARCO purchased the 34,000 square foot space at 1400 Greenmount Avenue in order to develop Open Works.

Open Works will create access through membership, workshops; friendly, expert staff; and classes for youth, adults, and families. Open Works will collaborate with artists, makers, and the parents and children of Baltimore in a new spirit of energy and invention within our community.

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