AKIMBO Artwalk 2016 in Photos

Photos by Zachary Z. Handler for AKIMBO

AKIMBO Artwalk 2016
Saturday, September 10th, 2016 – 1:00-6:00PM
Station North Arts & Entertainment District

AKIMBO 2016 is the 5th annual festival of site-specific dance and movement art in Baltimore’s arts district. AKIMBO this year features 15+ regional professional dance companies and movement artists from traditional to experimental, plus music, spoken word, art installation, puppets, multi-media, performance art, and more. That’s OVER 150 individual artists and performers presenting original work all in one day!

Artists present work at art galleries, restaurants, bridges, parks, murals, and businesses.  At their own pace, audience members explore the neighborhoods rich architecture while viewing and participating in live art, unique site-specific performances, and installations.

Over fifty volunteers in bright yellow shirts fill the neighborhood, assisting people in moving from place to place.

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Photographer’s Bio: Having collaborated with various dancers and performers from Maryland to New York to Los Angeles, Zachary Z. Handler is most energized when photographing dance and  performance off-stage and in unexpected locations.

Over the past thirteen years, Handler’s career as a photographer of dance and performance has afforded him the opportunity to work with Naoko Maeshiba/Kibism, PearsonWidrig Dance Theatre, and Heart Stuck Bernie, among many others. In addition to his work as a professional photographer, Handler has also streamlined a career in both the fields of health care and art education. Working with such arts organizations as the Museum of Modern Art, Quest Visual Theatre, and the Creative Alliance, he has provided community and access programs to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind. Handler has traveled both nationally and internationally to teach arts education classes for deaf and hard of hearing youth in foster care.

Zachary Z. Handler received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2003 and a Masters in Arts Administration from Columbia University Teachers College in 2005. Currently residing in Baltimore with his family, Handler works as the Deaf Services Program Manager for the Baltimore Medical System, Inc. Always on the lookout for creative, collaborative opportunities in any creative realm, he enjoys the appropriation of found objects, the company of 1970s cinema, and the color pink.

More info at www.zzhandler.com and www.zzhandler.com/blog.


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