City Paper Power Rankings: Ruby Grantees are UP



From “Baltimore City Power Rankings: Ruby Grantees, Sheila Dixon, Donald Trump, more…”

Published October 18 in the Baltimore City Paper

Ruby Grantees

The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance announced the nine recipients of their Rubys Artist Project Grants for literary and visual arts, and we here at City Paper were pleased to see some familiar names, including Susan Muaddi Darraj, who this year released the excellent short story collection “A Curious Land: Stories from Home” and curated and edited our most recent Fiction and Poetry Issue. Writers Thea Brown, Andria Nacina Cole, and Carla Du Pree, whose work appeared in that issue, also received the grant. Other grantees whose names have appeared in these pages include Kimi Hanauer, an artist, arts organizer, and editor; and Hoesy Corona, an independent artist and one half of performance art curatorial duo LabBodies. The Rubys help these artists and writers see through specific projects with up to $10,000 in funding. We can’t wait to see what they do.

Read their original post here:

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