GEOLOOM Launch Planned for Summer 2017

The GEOLOOM co>map will help you find just what you need – in your neighborhood or across town. The “co” in co>map stands for community mapping, collaboration, and cohesion in Baltimore. The GEOLOOM co>map is an online map that highlights arts and culture organizations and activities in Baltimore. You can use GEOLOOM for research, planning, exploration, and investment.

When GEOLOOM launches in July of this year, you’ll be able to overlay demographics, residential and business real estate, greenspaces, schools, and much more to give you a tool that will help make sure that every Baltimore neighborhood receives the attention and support we need to establish and maintain livability across our entire city.

GEOLOOM is rooted in the idea that arts and culture play a significant role in fostering the vitality of a place. Neighborhood-based arts and cultural activity can have an impact on residents’ attachment to their community, the overall economic conditions in their neighborhood, and the quality of life for the entire city.

It was created by a Steering Committee made up of the Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts, the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute, the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, and the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance

The data used in GEOLOOM comes from the Baltimore City government, the Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts, DataArts, the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, the Baltimore National Heritage Area, arts education organizations, arts and culture grant award lists, the Enoch Pratt Library, the United States Census, and many, many other sources. We hope to continuously expand our data through growing partnerships with a wide variety of entities and crowdsourced data.
The project has a Working Group of neighborhood associations, arts organizations, businesses, funders, and more who have helped to make sure that GEOLOOM includes all aspects of Baltimore.

We also work with Focus Groups to represent neighborhoods from all across the city to make sure all points of view are included.

The arts and culture organizations and activities featured in GEOLOOM represent formal institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, but also small and more informal locations such as regularly scheduled poetry slams in cafes and taverns. We welcome feedback on the data and continuously seek to expand both the definition of arts and culture and the types of data available on the website.

GEOLOOM’s data will be analyzed every year so we can successfully measure community improvements over time, identify gaps and, confidently address arts and culture needs while strengthening all aspects of the City’s social and economic fabric.

GEOLOOM is designed to be used by everyone, whether you’re a city planner, artist, civic leader, resident, large or small business, neighborhood association, citywide or neighborhood-based arts and culture organization, non-profit or for-profit real estate developer, private foundation, or government funder. We hope this tool adds a cultural data dimension that is a vital but an oftentimes missing element in the conversations about Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

Periodically we will circulate a Participation Survey to find out what kinds of arts and culture activities, traditional and non-traditional, large and small, have active engagement and are growing or declining over time. This is also an opportunity for neighborhoods to define what they perceive as arts and culture.

GEOLOOM will give us a better understanding of the arts and culture landscape along with the ability to view data within a broader context of demographic, real estate, and ecological information. It will help all of us in decision-making about the City’s future. Through visualization, GEOLOOM will aid cultural institutions, businesses, and elected officials by heightening their awareness of potential audiences, customers, and constituents.

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore is the GEOLOOM Project Manager.

Support for GEOLOOM has been provided by: Baltimore Development Corporation, Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts, Baltimore Community Foundation, Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, and National Endowment for the Arts

For more information, please contact

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