Baltimore Dance Crews Spring Opener at Open Works April 5


Join The Baltimore Dance Crews for a free community event of Hip-Hop dance at Open Works on Wednesday, April 5 from 7-8 pm. The Spring Opener event will include performances, a class demo, and cast announcements. This event is sponsored by the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, in conjunction with Open Works and is open to the public.

About The Baltimore Dance Crews Project:

The Baltimore Dance Crews Project creates opportunities for people to dance, especially youth. We dance because, above all, it is fun! By sharing the joys of dance, we elevate our world’s most important investment — our youth. Our hip-hop programs strengthen relationships between people — student to student, student to teacher, youth to adult. When young people have positive relationships with peers and influential role models, academic achievement rises, healthy lifestyles enhance, and youth leadership is unlocked.

We bring dance to YOU. Gyms, cafeterias, recreation centers, and even school hallways have served as the backdrop for students to dance next to their classmates, their teachers, and even their families. No matter participants’ skill level, our workshops will get people moving to music.

The Baltimore Dance Crews Project has four main program areas: dance workshops, school assemblies, school crews, and performance teams. We provide 8-week, 16-week, and full year afterschool clubs (affectionately called crews). After school crews are non-auditioned programs that meet weekly to explore fundamental hip-hop movements and foster positive, healthy relationships between students, teachers, and the community. Each crew is guided by a school advisor and a BDCP teaching artists who not only provide dance training, but ensure students are support in and out of the classroom – emotionally, creatively, and academically.

Looking ahead, you can purchase tickets to I Can B’More, BDCP’s 5th annual concert on May 13, 2017. More information here:

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