Open Works in New York Times Travel Article

Exploring Baltimore, a City With Style to Spare, on a Budget

by Lucas Peterson, FRUGAL TRAVELER, New York Times, APRIL 20, 2017


The arts seem to be flourishing in Baltimore; one effect of affordable real estate is that it encourages a creative community. “Art and music types can afford to stay,” said the artist Amy Boone-McCreesh, whom I met at a party. Ami Dang, a musician and Maryland native, expressed a similar sentiment: Many in the arts can buy houses and rent inexpensive studios, lessening the financial pressure artists frequently face.

Down the street from Ms. Boone-McCreesh’s studio in the Station North neighborhood is Open Works Baltimore, an open-use, membership-based space with nearly every imaginable piece of equipment for welding, drilling, sawing, sewing and even 3-D printing. One-hour crash courses in topics like metalworking start at just $20. Monthly membership, which allows you to spend up to 76 hours a week in the shared work spaces, begins at $70 per month. The space caters to small businesses, too, renting office space on-site for $125 per month.

Read the whole article here.

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